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  1. New media pages in Warp Studio 📽️

    Product Updates

    From today, the Media page in Warp Studio has moved to a new location. But no worries! 😎

    Your media files are safe and relocated as sub-pages within each scenario. To access them, just open a specific scenario and look for the media page within the flow editor itself. ⬇️

    image (12)



  2. Scenario tips: Making the right decision in recruitment and dealing with angry clients 😡


    Within the Warp VR Knowledge Hub are the Inspiration cards, with the purpose to inspire clients on different VR training topics and use cases, for their targeted audience.


    Every month we add two new cards to our growing collection, and the month of May was reserved for:

    • Making the right decision in recruitment and hiring the right candidate.
    • What to do with an angry customer when there's a waiting line and things get progressively more out-of-control! 🤯

    Check the story outlines here and get inspired for your next VR training!


  3. Last call to join Warp VR Connect! 🤩


    We're less than a week away from Warp VR Connect, set for May 29th (3pm-5pm CET)!

    If you haven't already, save the date and check the agenda, which includes amazing guest speakers and interactive group sessions! 😎

    It's the perfect opportunity for our customers and partners to connect, exchange valuable insights, and dive into the world of VR training. We hope to see you there! 👋


  4. The Knowledge Hub is here! 🚀


    We've expanded our website with a brand-new section: the Knowledge Hub. 🤩

    The hub is designed to be a valuable resource for everything you may need on your journey through VR and 360 video.

    Here's a breakdown of what you can expect:

    • Getting Started: Whether you're new to Warp VR or simply want to refresh your knowledge, this section is tailored for you. Discover how to create, film, and implement training scenarios using Warp VR.
    • Inspiration Cards: Need some creative sparks? The Inspiration Cards are here to ignite ideas for topics and use cases that align seamlessly with the Warp VR solution.

    Head over to the Knowledge Hub now and explore the possibilities! ✨


  5. Warp VR Connect update 🚀


    We are excited to share the latest updates about our upcoming Warp VR Connect event scheduled for May 29 at 3 pm CET! 🙌

    Two amazing keynotes will be presented by our guest speakers:

    • Jennifer Rogers - An Executive Officer in IEEE’s Learning Technology Standards Committee, who will talk about Behavioral Metrics and Measuring the Path to Business Success.
    • Nick Brashier - Learning Innovation Lead at EDF, who will share insights about Engaging Senior Leaders in VR Training for Company-Wide Acceptance.

    Your participation would be invaluable for the Warp VR community, so please take a moment to review the agenda and register via the event page ⬅️

    See you there! 👋


  6. Improved LTI integration ✨

    Product Updates

    With the latest enhancement to our LMS integration via LTI 1.1, you can now enjoy seamless playback directly in your desktop web browser.

    For mobile users, we've introduced a universal link feature that ensures the appropriate scenario launches instantly on your smartphone or tablet. 📲

    Group 2952

    Additionally, we've made VR experiences more accessible. Simply enter the 6-digit code displayed in your browser immediately after launching the VR training from your LMS.

    ➡️ Your feedback is invaluable to us. Please share your thoughts and experiences with these new features!


  7. Warp VR Connect on May 29 🤩


    Mark your calendars! 📅

    We are thrilled to invite you to our third Warp VR Connect event on May 29 from 3-5pm CET. This online community gathering is the perfect opportunity for our customers and partners to connect, exchange valuable insights, and dive deep into the world of VR training.

    🚀 Event highlights:

    • Interactive Platform: Engage with peers and share your VR training experiences.
    • Expert Insights: Learn from industry leaders who will kick off the session with inspiring keynotes.
    • Group Discussions: Tackle your specific questions or challenges in interactive breakout sessions.

    ➡️ For more details, check the agenda and register on the event page! See you there. 👋


  8. Explore Warp VR's New Website! 🎉


    We're thrilled to unveil our latest endeavour: the all-new Warp VR website! 🥳 As pioneers in immersive VR training, we're dedicated to pushing boundaries and enhancing learning experiences for businesses worldwide. Our new website reflects this commitment. 😎


    Here's what you can expect from our revamped website:

    • Seamless Navigation: Navigate through our offerings effortlessly with streamlined menus and intuitive layout.
    • Interactive Demos: Immerse yourself in our VR demos right from your browser. Experience firsthand how Warp VR is transforming training across industries.
    • Insightful Resources: Dive deep into the world of VR training with our rich collection of articles, latest trends, best practices, and success stories in VR adoption.
    • Up-to-Date News: Stay in the loop with our latest announcements, product updates, webinars and event appearances.


    We invite you to explore our new website on ✨


  9. Wide setting for labels, questions and answers 💬

    Product Updates

    Although we would always promote using short (active) questions and answers for your story-based scenarios, sometimes a longer answer is just unavoidable. 🙄 However, longer answers might not fit well in smaller sized buttons and text-boxes, and readability becomes an issue.

    Therefore in our latest release, we introduce a ‘Wide setting’ for labels, questions and answers. ⬇️

    Wide Setting - Video-editor

    When in Warp Studio, open a scene card that contains a video and navigate to the video-editor where the option is available for your interactive elements on the bottom right corner. ✨

    Publish your scenario and see the bigger elements in our apps for VR, smartphone and tablet or play directly in your web browser.


  10. Enhanced security with 2FA, Passkeys and more 🔐

    Product Updates

    We are introducing several authentication methods, ensuring that our users have both secure and convenient access to their training scenarios. All are available within your workspace settings.

    Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) 🔠

    2FA adds an extra layer of security by asking you to provide two verification factors to access your Warp Studio account, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access. This can be done with an authenticator app.

    65b174838b4a48be670b9b53_Warp VR - Macbook

    Passkeys 🖐️

    Passkeys are a form of digital key stored securely on your device, using biometrics like fingerprint or facial recognition for authentication.

    ➡️ Check more security options and what's next!